Within the Brussels University Association, the VUB and EhB strive to co-operate in the student services area, both in the study field and that of logistical support. To this end, they want to ensure that their respective services will work together closely, exchange expertise and where possible use the same method.

This translates into the following actions:

  • Both partners are committed to open their student facilities as much as possible to students from the other institution.
  • Both parties shall consult and cooperate with a cultural policy plan and will coordinate and open initiatives on cultural activities to students from both institutions.
  • Both partners continue to work on a joint sports policy and will coordinate and open their initiatives on sporting activities to students from both institutions.
  • Both partners also aim to open the initiatives outlined above for their staff members.
  • Both institutions are exploring collaboration opportunities with regard to issuing syllabuses and the sale of textbooks and will sign an Agreement where appropriate.
  • They collaborate on student job services and make their service offers mutually available. Both partners are discussing the possibility of eventually also opening the VUB Career Centre to EhB students.