UAB DIENSTEN professionalisering

The VUB and EhB, partners of the Brussels University Association, are working together on initiatives with regards to the professionalisation of education.

Several examples of this are:

  • The VUB and EhB organise joint training (formation) and evaluation sessions with regards to E-coaching.
  • The VUB and EhB cooperate in the evaluation field of lesson uptakes.
  • The VUB and EhB will jointly seek relevant external partners, projects and training resources within the context of the professionalisation of education.
  • Structural consultation between the VUB and EhB about the development of the Chamillo learning platform.
  • Consultation about the development of a training offer.
  • Within the Brussels Expertise Network of Education training and education is organised for the professionalisation of teachers with emphasis on the Brussels Capital context.