IT services

The IT services of the VUB and EhB are aiming to maximise cooperation and/or a maximum exchange of experience on some specific areas whereby joint initiatives will often be launched.

In concrete terms, this translates as follows:

  • The services will consult on aligning both operational IT plans and arrangements for safety aspects, the joint development of a policy on document management and archiving. Particular attention will be paid to the connection between the respective student information systems.
  • The services share and exchange information and expertise and work together – where possible – on education and research supporting IT processes and systems, as well as IT services in the context of education, in particular for the development of electronic learning platforms.
  • The services will consult around a common IT procurement policy.
  • Both institutions encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience between their various experts, possibly eventually through knowledge centres.
  • Both partners share their knowledge wherever possible in recruiting the necessary IT profiles.