UAB DIensten Infrastructuur

Within the Brussels University Association, the VUB and EhB are aiming to optimalise the utilization of the infrastructure of both institutions and to have the necessary discussions about this.

In concrete terms, this translates into the following actions:

  • They share information and expertise and work out (-where appropriate-) joint initiatives on projects driven by the synergies created by the cooperation in the field of education, research and student affairs.
  • They consult on the updating of plans and requirements of both institutions on housing.
  • They exchange information and expertise on facility management to serve education, research, services and administration of the institutions.
  • They investigate the possibility of a coordinated procurement and contract policy and on inventory management logistics.
  • They share knowledge and experience on a joint environmental and sustainability policy.
  • They make their mutual expertise available and cooperate with a view to improving safety on the campuses.
  • They share their knowledge and experience regarding procedures and regulations governing public procurement and environmental legislation and on business processes.