Integration Decree

On the 13th July, 2012, the decree concerning the integration of academic college courses in the universities (Integratiedecreet) was approved by the Flemish Government. The academised college courses or the former two-cycle courses, have been integrated into the university as from the 2013-2014 academic year. The UAB was commissioned by the VUB and EhB to monitor the preparatory processes of integration so that the integration could proceed as optimally as possible and within the set deadline.

Specifically, the following EhB courses are integrated into the VUB:

  • Bachelor of Industrial Sciences
  • Master in Industrial Sciences option Electromechanics
  • Master in Industrial Sciences option Electronics-IT
  • Master in Urban and Regional Planning (STeR)
  • Bachelor in Applied Linguistics
  • Master in Translation
  • Master in Interpretation
  • Master in Journalism