WECOM is a collaboration between…

… the research departments of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Erasmushogeschool Brussel (EhB), partners of the Brussels University Association.

WECOM aims to…

… stimulate the popularisation of knowledge, technology and technological innovation, to increase public support for knowledge, technology and technological innovation, to raise awareness in the community of the importance of knowledge and to contribute to the building of the knowledge economy.

WECOM is aimed at…

…everybody: children, youth, the educational sector, businesses and non-profit organisations. Basically, the general public with or without prior knowledge.

WECOM realises numerous projects…

…each with their own emphases.

Youth and education – Science and Technology Line:

The Science and Technology Line is a learning line for science and technology for young people aged 6 to 18 years. Below a number of projects which are being organized and are didactically founded, they are evaluated and adjusted and have continuity. This didactically founded learning line should provide a guarantee for a durable relationship with elementary and secondary schools. All the Vrije Universiteit Brussel existing youth projects were accommodated in this learning line.

Some of the projects:

I LOVE IT: I love IT offers workshops in higher education institutions and businesses on IT and technology to young people from the 2nd and 3rd stages of secondary education.

URBAN GAME: Urban Game is an interactive game in which young people learn about Brussels city center using the latest multimedia techniques Themes can be different: from history to biodiversity. Urban Game is aimed at young people aged 14 and over.

TECHNOGIRLS: The ‘Technogirls’ project is especially for girls aged 10 to 12 who want to start to learn about technology. Under expert guidance and with the right materials, they can learn various technical skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

CLIMATE CHALLENGE: Climate Challenge is a collaboration with WWF and Studio Globo and provides the ideal tool to understand the complexity of climate change. The bilingual and interactive website provides a complete overview of all aspects of climate change: causes, consequences and solutions are extensively explained in detail. Shown in a comprehensible manner using videos, information sheets, animations and interviews. Target group: 12 to 18 year olds and anyone who wants to know more about the climate.

CLIMATE CHALLENGE CONFERENCE: Climate Challenge Conference is a conference on climate change, organised in the European Parliament, in collaboration with WWF and Studio Globo. 250 students in secondary education are there as representatives of 40 UN countries and will attend a UN summit afterwards. They carry out discussions in power blocks, vote for resolutions and formulate amendments on current climate issues. Target group: final year of secondary education.

Knowledge in society:                                                                                                                      

WECOM aims to increase public support for our knowledge.

Some of the projects:

SCIENCE BARS: De Science Bars Brussels offer you the opportunity to get in touch with science knowledge and academics in an informal setting. The Brussels Science Bar serves up a hot issue for you, with a scientific angle, every month. The moderator finds questions and answers from experts in this field and from the public. In this way you can gain knowledge and form your own opinion. The Brussels Science Bar is much more than a debate. It is experiencing science knowledge over a beer. Meeting at the bar of the Rits café in the Dansaertstraat in the heart of Brussels.

WETENSCHAPSWINKEL.BE: The Wetenschapswinkel (Knowledge shop) is a point of contact for non-profit organisations that are seeking scientific support through research or advice. The Knowledge shop does not conduct research itself but helps to translate a question into a research question and mediates between the organization and the researcher. Research is mainly carried out by students as part of their thesis. The Flemish community subsidises a network of 5 Knowledge shops, one at each Flemish university and a central unit. This unit, based at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, is the point of contact and collects the questions. The regional shops answer the questions. Target group: non-profit organisations.

IKHEBEENVRAAG.BE: Ikhebeenvraag.be (Ihaveaquestion.be) wants to inform the public objectively on scientific knowledge issues, facilitate contact between academic scientists and the general public and stimulate interest in science amongst young people. The project is coordinated by the Museum of Natural Sciences and is the result of a collaboration of 14 scientific institutions and universities (including the VUB). The general public can go to Ikhebeenvraag.be not just with questions about natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), mathematics, but also about language and literature, psychology, history, philosophy… Target group: General public.

In addition, WECOM is setting up numerous other initiatives. You will read more about these soon.