Tomorrows professionals must have the necessary knowledge to address complex issues about the environment and sustainable development. This has created a distinct role for the Flemish colleges, universities and associations.

With this Ecocampus project, which comes from the Flemish Government Department of Environment, Nature and Energy, a significant impetus was given to the higher education to ensure that their graduates that are environmentally conscious and strive towards a sustainable society.

The Brussels University Association and its partner institutions the VUB and EhB shook hands on this project until the end of 2011. Several initiatives were set up to develop environmentally friendly campuses and greater environmental awareness among staff and students of the VUB and EhB. An example is the ‘Ecocampuskrak’ project in which students can make their campus more environmentally friendly in a creative way.

 Several other initiatives were: Expo Own cultivation, an exhibition on sustainable food at the VUB and EhB, big jumper day, sustainable staff barbecue etc.

At the end of 2011, the Flemish government decided to move the Ecocampus project in a different direction. Currently work is ongoing on the development of the new project.

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