Case Studies

Case Study Teacher Education

The working group of the case study Teacher Education is made up of staff members of the Department Teacher education of the EhB and the IDLO VUB (Inter-Faculty Department Teacher Education) and develops various subprojects aiming at enhancing the EhB and VUB teacher education. Examples of such subprojects are:

  • Development of a common course “Urban Education” focusing on diversity, differentiation and education in a metropolitan context.
  • Project on Community Service Learning and empirical education.
  • Intensification of cooperation in further training and continuing education of teachers, teacher educators and other education professionals. The development of the digital platform “LeraarXL” (Teacher XL) centralises the communication and promotion of the professionalization offer and the teacher education of the VUB and EhB.
  • Development of a common vision and mission concerning specific teacher education, the professionalization of the teaching profession and higher education teachers.
  • Development of complementary expertise in the fields of generic and specific didactics, internship and mentorship.
  • Development of targeted strategies and methods for socially awkward issues, metropolitanism and multilingualism in education.
  • Development of common initiatives in the field of innovation of education.
  • Exploration and development of partnerships.
  • Development of a common network of stakeholders and alumni.
  • Further cooperation within BEO (Brussels Expertise network of Education).