Brussels Journalism Platform

The Brussels Platform for Journalism (BPJ) is an initiative of the Brussels University Association. It aims to strengthen and promote the teaching of and research into journalism within the association through mutual dialogue and cooperation.

The Brussels Platform for Journalism aims for synergy between the Bachelor of Journalism, the EhB School of Arts – RITS and the Master in Communication Sciences of the VUB. This Platform also co-ordinates the collaboration between these courses and the Master en Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Also on the level of research the Platform strives for a more intensive cooperation between the research groups BIJouS, Cemeso and iMinds-SMIT  (VUB), the researchers connected to the Bachelor of Journalism and the RITS School of Arts and the research group RESIC (VUB). By this, the Brussels Platform of Journalism aspires excellence and a national and international recognition. 

 The Platform has four strategic objectives:

  • Education optimisation and forecasting: the BPJ is building toward education optimisation between the involved courses by organising exchanges between the courses and forecasts regarding journalism education
  • Research facilitation and planning: the BPJ encourages the establishment of fundamental, strategic and applied research on journalism and news media in an interdisciplinary and international perspective. It coordinates the submission of joint research projects and also encourages a more scientific look through publications.
  • Enhancement and visibility: the BPJ actively seeks collaboration with the professional field and other stakeholders and provides structured enhancement of teaching and research activities to the research community, policy, industry, NGOs and the public at large.
  • Sustainability of the platform: the BPJ explores alternative sources of funding for the organisation of its activities through externally financed partnerships, professorships, trusts/foundations and other collaborations.

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