Within the Brussels University Association the VUB and the EhB strive towards an optimal cooperation, aiming at an excellent academic and professional education offer for their students. Hereby the VUB and the EhB focus on the intensification of the cohesion and the synergy between them.


The cooperation can be translated on the next levels:


  • Study advice, study choice, student recruitment activities,
  • Education- and study (career) guidance,
  • Studying further or choosing  for another education within the Brussels University Association
  • E-learning
  • Quality control
  • Professionalizing of education
  • Life Long Learning
  • Education Administration
  • Etc.

Studying at the VUB and the EhB means studying in an environment  where pluralism, diversity, openness and respect for one another are very important values. It also means studying in Brussels, the capital of Europe with a lot of opportunities. Strongly embedded in society the VUB and the EhB keep enforcing their contacts with the work field.