The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Erasmushogeschool Brussel (EhB) characterize themselves as high quality, socially engaged, internationally-orientated and forward-looking higher education institutions. The Brussels University Association supports its partners throughout its entire policy and considers their values such as, pluralism, openness and respect, of paramount importance.

To achieve their missions as efficiently as possible within an educational context wherein the individuality of the Brussels higher education, the international objectives and the ongoing globalisation provide permanent challenges, the VUB and EhB are striving for maximum cooperation within the Brussels University Association. From the belief in the power of this cooperation the Brussels University Association supports its partners both in the content and logistics fields. The Brussels University Association is convinced that by consistently surpassing linguistic and ideological differences, it can be a driving force for the creation of a Brussels knowledge and science center.

Education, research, social services and arts, these are all tasks that belong to the VUB and the EhB and which they really take to heart. In their quest for continuous improvement they work constantly to strengthen their support base on the professional, academic and international levels. Above all, they provide an integral education aimed at a pluralistic society in which more and more self-motivation, adaptability and global-orientation are expected. After all, students must be able to step into life as full people and that is what the Brussels University Association, VUB and EhB strive for together.