Key Benefits

The Brussels University Association and its partners, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Erasmushogeschool Brussel (EhB) have a lot to offer.

They are characterised by:

  • Continuous cross-over between the professional and academic courses.
    With respect for the individuality of the courses, the professional and academic courses work together functionally in the research and education areas, both in the content and in public administration field.
  • A personal approach in an interactive environment with equal opportunities for all.
    At the VUB and the EhB, a student is not a number. He/she is monitored and supervised from the start of his/her studies and even during his/her entry into the employment market. The student will receive tailored supervision. The personal contact with the student is also reflected in the interactive lessons and accessible campuses and student facilities wherein each target group is respected.
  • Wide range of language courses on one campus.
    The collaboration with the Department of Applied Linguistics of the EhB and the Faculty of Arts of the VUB has been optimised. This resulted in the centralisation of the courses on the VUB campus of Etterbeek. The wide range of language courses is not only an advantage but also a must in a multicultural and multilingual student city like Brussels.
  • Brussels, the European capital and largest student city in Belgium, where the world is at your feet:
    • Brussels gathers diverse cultures, languages and nationalities. You end up in a multicultural, international and therefore enriching environment.
    • The European capital plays an important role in politics. So besides the Federal, Flemish and Brussels Governments, you will also find the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee, NATO and many other international governmental and non-governmental organisations in Brussels.
    • The Brussels Capital Region is one of the most important European centres for scientific research and the development of advanced technologies. Due to the presence of several different universities, colleges and hospitals whose research centers work closely with Brussels-based companies, Brussels plays a leading role in the field of information technology, electrical engineering, biotechnology, life sciences, medical research and environmental protection.
    • Brussels is also very popular as a conference city.
    • Brussels also has a lot to offer in the employment market. Many leading national and international employers such as VRT, UZ Brussel, bpost, NMBS, MIVB and other major players in the banking and telecom sectors have their headquarters there. Alongside a wide range of interesting vacancies, Brussels also offers a lot of work placements and internships.
    • Brussels is a vibrant city with a wide range of culture, sports, housing and mobility. You will find many museums, theaters and concert halls. The shops and cafés are uncountable and you can find great food on every street corner.  There are also plenty of gyms and fitness centres. In short, Brussels is a city full of life. Moving around is easy with the flexible MIVB public transport. For everything concerning housing and accommodation, you can contact Br(ik).

You can find more information about Brussels on: informs daily about life and current events in the capital, in text, image and sound.

Br(ik) stands for Brussels&I, and places the city on the map as a great place for Flemish students to learn and live.

The Brussels University Association and its partners, the VUB and the EhB, want to use the advantages and possibilities of the city of Brussels to strengthen the specific nature of educational and research offerings and to increase their attractiveness.